Background info

The main goal was to get as much as possible organic traffic from Google and Bing. The website started a Google Adwords campaign, but the client also wanted to get traffic from search engines. The domain was new and without any backlinks. 

We had a website from scratch. Site on Shopify marketplace. 

What did we do?

Semantic core

As the website is new, we offered a complex SEO strategy. The start was to collect semantic core. After 2 weeks of ongoing work with client approval, we have done it. We paid attention to brand names + manufacturers. The most competitive phrases we selected to use on the main website’s sections. Also, we divided some keyword phrases for a future blog. Because a content strategy is very effective. That’s how we made the correct SEO structure for that website. 

On-page SEO

We used Shopify Yoast SEO plugin to optimize Metadata on the website. Surely, we have implemented all stuff to avoid supplemental index and other things which could affect the crawling budget and correct indexing. 

We created some page architecture for each type of page and implemented Google snippets.

The main goal was to get results ASAP.  That’s why we paid attention to internal linking. The main website’s sections and key product pages should get more inbound links than outbound. We used Screaming SEO Frog Spider to manage it. After all, things are done and fixed, we started link building and content strategy implementation. 


  1. Accurate site choosing. It shouldn’t be spammy, it should be trusted in the eyes of the search engines and it should be topical. 
  2. We posted 60 articles per month on such websites. 
  3. The article with 1 do-follow backlink only. 
  4. The article was topical and with all h1-h6 tags
  5. Sometimes the article had a link from the picture. That’s how we made some first orders. The thing is that we chose trusted websites in Google 1 rankings from 1 article. So, we could catch some traffic. After clicking on the picture, the user entered our money website. So, we had our first referrals in the 2d month of promotion.

Blog articles

We decided that posting blog articles is a good idea. So, we posted 1 article per day. The structure of the article was: 

All articles were unique and they were an answer to users’ questions. That’s why we started getting organic “informational” traffic from Blog in the 4th month of promotion.