Notka Smaku – gift sets of craft spices


Project setting up from the scratch, gift box designing, creating content strategies, targeting advertising setting up, brand promotion.


Since the client’s production is both craft and natural, his price is higher than the market price. Therefore, we were faced with the task of finding an audience of gourmets and connoisseurs of taste.


We came up with authentic names for each mix of spices (the manufacturer had 34 pieces), they accurately and concisely described what components this mix consists of and at the same time had an emotional message.

These names were easy to remember and none of the competitors had such names.

Spices were invented to be packed in glass jars. Our team undertook to develop label patterns. A universal black and white style was chosen, which will fit 100% into any kitchen.

Also, we have designed to give spices not only to individuals in the retail but also to gift sets. For this purpose, we have created universal packing which was externally well decorated. To give someone a gift, but what is important is also possible for transportation in it. Two difficult points were closed at once: visual pleasure and flexibility.


Every month the project gained new momentum and demanded to have a “right” audience. We have created different texts for advertising to evaluate the preferences of our subscribers. After much testing, we were able to reduce the price of the click from $1 to $0,2.

On the eve of the holidays, we added an advertising promotion for the sale of sets in large numbers for individual orders and immediately got a wow effect! 4 corporate orders from major brands, which immediately reflected all the costs of advertising 20 times.


–  Increase of the number of subscribers to +3500

– 120000 people\month coverage 

– Participants from month activities 1.1 K\month

– Creation of banners and videos for advertising

– Increase of company’s profit 5x