Target Country: Ukraine

Start of promotion: 




Main Goals:

  1. To find new customers from Ukraine 
  2. To build ongoing visits from organic traffic
  3. Give a consultation – which CMS fits this website (marketplace or CMS etc)

Background info

Our customer had a website but he did not have a lot of orders. He had some budget and he wanted everything to be set on and start getting results (as soon as possible). Surely, we had a risk, because the domain was new, and we couldn’t do aggressive marketing on it. 

On-page SEO (START)

Our decision was:

  1. CMS: Opencart – best CMS (content management system) for online shops. It has SEO plugins, it’s quick in optimization and very flexible. 
  2. To buy a template on Themeforest. We’ve bought it already and adopted it in 2 weeks under our needs. 
  3. We did visual design content for the website and some promo materials for the slider on the main page of the website. 

Semantic core

The client helped us with some key suggestions and we started collecting keyword phrases according to his needs (thanks for the client’s availability and quick answering of our questions). We have created a semantic core and a website structure which was based on the semantic core. 

After all metadata and articles were done, we started an accurate link-building. Because the domain was zero in Google Trust. 


The topic of the website is a bit competitive, that’s why we decided to grow the trust from some relevant blogs. We have bought some dropped domains (domains with some backlinks and trust but dropped by the owners). So, we have bought some niche domains. We have deployed sites and started writing new content. After sites get indexed by Google, we made 301 redirects to our money website not to the main page but for relevant power pages. That’s how the website became more relevant and started ranking higher in Google Search.

We bought some more relevant dropped domains and hid them for the Ahrefs system (to avoid seeing them in the links scanner). So, only Google has seen these backlinks. 

The old website had some backlinks from relevant domains with quality measurements like DR 62 and UR 10.

All measurements went to our main site after 301 redirections. We did the same for other domains. We’ve already made 301 redirects for the main site. 

In conclusion, we started getting relevant traffic from Organic search some time: