Niche: Education

Region: Ukraine

Background info

Our client had 1 negative youtube review and it was on Google TOP. So, when you type “name of the school review” you could see the 1st place a youtube review. 

Our task was to delete that negative review or push it out from Google TOP 5 results. 


We got 3 youtube videos with positive reviews from real clients of that school. The main idea was to optimize those videos on youtube to let them push over the negative video review. As soon as our Client’s school was new in the market, it didn’t have a lot of reviews at all. So, the client was losing a lot of money. One of our positive videos started ranking higher in 1 week. And in 2 weeks we pushed over negative video review. 


Post optimized and relevant articles on high authority sites with a backlink on the Client’s website. 


Creating a FB Group 


Creating a Google My Business and connecting it with the site and FB


TOP 5 Positive articles, and positive video reviews on youtube.


By doing such an ORM boost, we also made good and trusted backlinks for the main client’s website. And it is very useful. Because the website also started ranking in higher positions on Google.