Background info

It was:


GCC region. Affiliate website in the Arabic language. The main goal was to increase visitors for money-website.

The client had some semantic core. We decided to expand the actual semantic core and grow PBN sites which are most relevant and common for such a niche. 

The main problem was finding good writers in Arabic, because this language is different in the GULF region and other countries like Egypt, Morocco etc. So, we hired freelancers from Upwork to find the most relevant one. 

On-page works: 





Dropped domains search. We were looking for non-spammy domains with good TF and normal DR. The main problem is that it’s a very competitive niche and all drops are spammy or have a lot of Whois changes, non-relevant, or under Google sanctions, or even worse. The region is also very special. We decided to mix some local drops and some .com drops. 


As we have huge expertise in searching dropped domains and worked in different niches in Japan, Australia, USA, EU and UK, Brazil and South Africa, we knew how to find all these drops. We always pay attention to key factors and never take a risk to our clients and their money sites. 

So, we found all relevant drops and deployed them. Everything should be unique to avoid footprints. Some parts of dropped websites were launched on HTML with long (1500-3500 words) articles and some on WordPress with premium customizable templates. 


Indexing. After all, 60 websites were in the Google index. We started uploading more content on them. Each website had its own semantic core which was very relevant to the main website core. After some 2 months of the ongoing process, we started getting some organic traffic from long tail requests on our PBN sites. And we started putting backlinks to the main project.


Also, we did outreach link-building. It was a parallel work. We posted 1000-word articles on relevant sites with a backlink. Some articles were in English and some were in Arabic. We also used Youtube for such a process.