Jiffy — the biggest snail farm in Ukraine


Unique farm concept creation, getting requests for events and trips throughout the site, attracting visitors on a minimal budget.

Ideas and implementation

In order to make Kyiv’s completely new and unturned TOP – location, we created the concept of a place for relaxation and delicious food, where you could chill out and not rush anywhere. We put this message behind the Jiffy Farm.

By posting posts and stories, we constantly reminded Jiffy followers that they could enjoy tasty delicacies, relax in nature and chill out (after all, this was a snail farm:). 

To make the location unique and memorable for the visitors, we proposed to equip Instagram places: this is how the “Selfie Balcony” appeared with a cool view of the field’s landscapes, a Tree Made Shells installation, Chairs and Mopeds with hay for the kids.

Bubbles with different trendy inscriptions turned out to be a particularly cool working idea. People took pictures with bubbles and tagged them on their profiles. Thus, we got regular free traffic and organic reach with engagement.


As the farm became overcrowded, the queues for excursions increased too, and, accordingly, increased the dissatisfaction of all who couldn’t get there. People arrived in random order and everyone wanted to get on a tour, places for which were limited.

How did we find a way out? We added a calendar with an online record on the site. By advertising events with excursions, we added a link directly to it. (Thanks to the Facebook pixel, we tracked all traffic). So, the guests started arriving on scheduled time, queues disappeared, and negativity was replaced by positive reviews.

A right selected digital tool could affect the off-line situation and increase the client’s profit. 


Since the budget was limited, it had decided to launch the advertising campaign on Wednesday (the main days of visiting are Saturday and Sunday). People have already planned a trip to the farm. So by Friday night, we had 80% of visitors who will come on a weekend. On Saturday, as soon as we had 100% of visitors, we turned off the ad campaign. This helped to optimize the budget. Advertising on Sunday didn’t launch, although it still has been a working day for the farm.

In the process, different banners and videos were used to keep guests coming back for more (or even better: to return with friends). 

We also fully produced special digital events: 


–  Equalized traffic attendance on FB (100,000 per month) and Instagram (35,700 per month);

–  Optimized a click cost on FB from $0.21 to $0.09;

–  Attracted visitors offline from 0 to 5000 per month;

–  Increased the farm’s profit 7x.